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I'm NaTasha Grimes

owner and CEO of Ascension Solutions

Certified Personality Trainer | Educator | Speaker | Workshop Facilitator

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Education and 

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Education from Longwood University and a Master's degree in Human Resources Training & Development from Amberton University. These academic achievements have not only equipped me with valuable knowledge but have also played a significant role in shaping my understanding of personal and professional growth. In addition, I am a Wired That Way Certified Personality Trainer. 

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A Passion for 
Personal Development

With over a decade of experience as an elementary school teacher, personal mentor, and professional development coach, I've had the privilege of sharing my passion for personal growth with countless individuals. My mission is to provide practical, easy-to-understand methods for personal and professional growth, and I'm excited to continue spreading this message to help others unlock their true potential.

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A Glimpse  
into My Life

Born and raised in a charming southern Virginia town, I carry the warmth and values of my upbringing with me in everything I do. I'm fortunate to be married to my high school sweetheart and life partner, with whom I've built a beautiful life and family over the years with our two children. This journey together has helped me gain practical experience on what it takes to build a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

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Problems We Help Individuals,
Businesses, Organizations, and Schools Solve

 1. Communication and Interpersonal Challenges

We specialize in assisting individuals, businesses, organizations, and schools in improving communication and resolving interpersonal issues. Whether it's enhancing teamwork, resolving conflicts, or boosting employee morale, I provide solutions to address these challenges.

2. Knowledge Gaps and Soft Skill Development

Our passion for continuous learning allows me to provide solutions for addressing knowledge gaps and soft skill development needs. We offer resources, workshops, and coaching to help individuals and organizations expand their knowledge, improve soft skills, and achieve their goals.

3. Effective Leadership and Team Building

We empower individuals and organizations to overcome challenges related to leadership and team dynamics. Whether it's developing effective leaders, building cohesive teams, or improving leadership skills, I offer guidance and strategies for success.

4. Personal Development

We help individuals on their journey of personal growth and development. Through coaching and workshops, I assist individuals in overcoming obstacles, setting goals, and unlocking their full potential based on their personality using my DNA Framework.

5. Professional Development

For schools and educational institutions, We provide solutions to enhance student success with a SEL focus. This includes strategies for cultivating students’ voice, building authentic relationships and connections, improving academic performance, increasing student engagement, and fostering a positive learning environment.


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This organization training focuses on improving teamwork and interpersonal understanding by helping individuals and teams discover their unique behavioral styles.


Participants will learn how to identify their personality traits using a practical tool and use this knowledge to harness their strengths and address weaknesses....READ MORE


These engaging presentations can be delivered through keynotes, seminars, podcasts, or as part of a panel.


Our insights are valuable for events, organizations, teams, and individuals at all levels, providing critical and transformative perspectives on how individuals are "wired" and their potential for growth....READ MORE

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We offer a unique and insightful approach to helping college students gain a deeper understanding of their personalities and how it relate to their future careers.


Through engaging workshops and personalized guidance, she empowers students to unlock their true potential and align their personalities with their career aspirations.


-John M

"Working with NaTasha was a transformative experience. Her guidance and expertise helped me unlock my potential and navigate personal and professional challenges with confidence."

Thank you for considering us as your partner on this transformative journey. We look forward to getting to know you better and helping you achieve your goals.

Let's embark on this exciting adventure and let’s ASCEND together!

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