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What We Do

What is Personality Intelligence?

Personality intelligence helps us understand how we are wired and why we act and communicate in the ways we do. Understanding personality not only helps us embrace and own our unique mindsets but it also helps us gain insight into others.


Why is Personality Training Important?

Understanding who we are is the first step in finding who we want to be, where we want to go and what we want to accomplish. Personality training helps unlock our own, individual potential. It’s what’s at the baseline of growth & development within personal relationships and professional business. With personality training, clients achieve life-changing results in self-enhancement, effective  communication skills, better interpersonal relationship skills, and more.


Is Ascension Solutions Right For You?

If you are an educator, business owner, employee, or anyone looking to accelerate your own growth &  development, I am here for you! Book a Discovery session today to hear more about my unique blend of tools and workshops centered around helping my clients become the best version of themselves. 






 NaTasha Grimes has a barrier- breaking ability to see past the limitations I set for myself. Her professional coaching reframed my idea of success from simply being better than I was before. She demands that you rise to the occasion of being your very best self. Every time I'd though I reached the limit of what was possible, her advice echoed back-- think bigger!


NaTasha Grimes Introduced me to the concept of operating in the strengths and weaknesses of your personality. It has been a game changer for me personally and professionally. The awareness I have now has made me a better spouse, mother, and HR professional. If you're struggling with having positive relationships with others and truly want changes. Natasha has the answer for you.

-Christy C

My first experience to the personality training was during the early years of my marriage. This training has proven to be an instrumental component to building a strong marital foundation. The information I learned in this training has helped me understand my spouse, appreciate and value his strengths and has helped me manage the frustration that can stem from personality differences. Over the last two decades, I've continued to utilize the personality training in a variety of relationships,including with my children, teachers, co- workers and ministry team members. This training provides information that can help you understand and value your strengths.

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